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10AM vs 10PM

I'm trying to avoid buying anything fast fashion (besides classic things like leather shoes, denim, or blazers in higher quality) but I was attending an event in Barcelona and I only had sneakers available because of my crazy move and my crap all over Europe, so I had 30 minutes to find something. I almost failed, but I ended up with these - actually pretty cool - boots.

Oh and my skirt is new (well second hand new) and it hasn't been outside yet, so please someone take me out to dinner.

  • The skirrrrrt is Sandro Paris

  • Boots are Bershka, I linked the exact ones in the box below

  • Shirt is from H&M Trend

  • The bag is a Mini Lady Dior that I got second hand ages ago

  • And the phone case is from Coverlab


The below are affiliate links. Here is how it works: Most of the time I can't link the exact product, so I find I would personally buy. I try to watch out for size variety and add plus size options when available. I also try to find second hand alternatives, and find sales for you. If I link fast fashion, it's because I think it is a good and not seasonal buy.

x Lainey

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