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Can't Keep Pants White, Stopped Trying

Woohoo, Fashion Fridays is here! I so so so so missed creating fashion content, and this way I can merge my love for fashion, illustration, and humour.

First off, I could never keep these pants white for more than 5 hours, but that never stops me. Secondly - I didn't dare to wear white jeans for the last 5-6 years, because it "makes you look fat", but I don't care anymore, they're coooooool!

  • My jeans are from H&M

  • The sweater is wool from Uniqlo U

  • Bootsies are second hand Miu Miu

  • The bag is a Chanel Classic Flap that I refurbished and repainted

  • And the phone case is from Coverlab


The below are affiliate links. Here is how it works: Most of the time I can't link the exact product, so I find I would personally buy. I try to watch out for size variety and add plus size options when available. I also try to find second hand alternatives, and find sales for you. If I link fast fashion, it's because I think it is a good and not seasonal buy.

x Lainey

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