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He Stole My Look

I don't care what anyone says, I had to own the hideous baby lamb shoes that were probably made for some Swedish bro to visit the farmer's market after having artisan coffee with a beanie on that doesn't cover his ears. Plus I obviously had to get the baby lamb too. The product photos don't do this Meshki jacket justice, it's super shiny and has the 80's vibe rock'n'roll shoulders. Now I just need spring again so I can wear it, ugh.

THIS is the link for the Meshki jacket

  • My jeans are Topshop Mom Jeans, exact ones linked below

  • Lamb shoes are also Topshop, also linked below

  • The bag is a Mini Lady Dior that I got second hand ages ago

  • And the phone case is from Coverlab


The below are affiliate links. Here is how it works: Most of the time I can't link the exact product, so I find I would personally buy. I try to watch out for size variety and add plus size options when available. I also try to find second hand alternatives, and find sales for you. If I link fast fashion, it's because I think it is a good and not seasonal buy.

x Lainey

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