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Share Your Stories and Opinions!

What are your relationship red flags? Do you have any personal stories about not seeing red flags or ignoring them? What do you think are the worst red flags when it comes to dating or first (few) dates? 

Be featured on the Soul Sister Club podcast by Lainey Molnar by submitting your personal experiences, long or short stories, and popular or unpopular opinions about this week's topic - be as controversial as you choose! If you would prefer to remain anonymous, just skip the name and email boxes. 

You can also share a voice memo with us on Whatsapp if it's more convenient, the number is: +316 290 314 89. We will treat your message anonymously unless you share your name, but we request you share you age and location so we have context! (Your email will always be confidential)

Please note that by submitting your entry and data in the box above or on Whatsapp, you acknowledge that it might be shared with our audience.

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